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Never Get Around to Printing Your Digital Photos?

Photo printing kiosks, sites, and apps are a hassle. What if your photos could be printed and delivered without having to do a thing? Now they can!

How it Works

Simply upload photos to Facebook or Instagram like you normally do. PrintsForever will periodically print and ship your photos to you automagically. No apps to download or repetitive checkout processes to suffer through. Just relax and let us deliver your photos.

Our Proposition

PrintsForever isn't quite ready yet. First we need to validate some ideas so we can build a great product. So we're providing PrintsForever totally free for a few months. In return, we'd just like your feedback. At the end, you have your prints and we have answers to our questions.

We are two new fathers with a history of building software together. Our goal is to help you keep your precious memories preserved. Please join us on this exciting project and register below!

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Stephen Potter

Stephen engineers high quality software for companies and a has a passion for building products that enrich people's lives.

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Jackson Stephens

Jackson is responsible for design and user experience and loves creating intuitive, rich interfaces for both enterprise and consumer software.

Register Here

To automatically print your photos, PrintsForever needs access to them. For that, you'll need to authorize PrintsForever with either Facebook or Instagram. And of course we need an address to mail them to.

Spots are limited. United States only. Limit one per household. 18+ years of age only, please.


What's the catch?

We hope to make PrintsForever into a profitable business. For now we are researching to figure out what works best. So we'll pay for the photos during the test. All we ask is you fill out a short survey we include with each shipment.

Why makes PrintsForever unique?

Normally to print your photos you have to choose your prints, decide on extras, and pay. To print more photos you have to keep going through the same process. PrintsForever works behind the scenes, automatically printing and shipping your photo on a recurring basis.

How can I trust you with my data?

We will handle your data and privacy with care. All we do is scan for recent photos, print them, then delete our copy. We will never modify your data, post on your facebook wall, or snoop around. We haven't had the chance to build up a reputation, so you'll have to put a little faith in us. We are honest people just trying to solve a big problem. If you have any questions, please contact us and hopefully we can alleviate your concerns.

Can I order extras?

At some point during the test we hope to make it possible for you to order duplicates and different size prints. And we also want to make it easy for you to have prints shipped to other people (like sending photos of the kids to your mom). That will definitely be included in the final product but we're going to do our best to make it possible during the focus group.

Can I cancel if I don't like the service?

Although the test will come to an end on its own, you can cancel whenever you want. Just email us and let us know.

How many photos will I receive?

We're not sure yet, but we'll print up to 200 photos for you at a time. The money is coming out of our own pockets, so we have to be careful. But we'll do our best to print as many as we can.

What about photos I don't want printed?

We have plans to deal with unwanted photos. But we don't want to delay this important focus group so we've decided to print everything you upload. Since it's free, we hope you won't mind tossing a few unwanted photos.

What is your motivation?

We are recent fathers. We've taken many photos of our little ones yet hardly any have been printed out. We have no problem uploading our favorites to social networks but for whatever reason we don't print them out. That's too bad because digital photos come and go but physical prints always seem to stay with us. So we wondered if our digital photos could be printed automatically, ensuring our memories are preserved. Turns out that's not possible right now. Hence, PrintsForever!

What happens after the focus group?

If we decide to build PrintsForever as a 'real' business, we'll give you the option to become a customer, discount included of course. If we decide to discontinue PrintsForever or you don't want to become a customer, we'll delete all your data and discontinue access to Facebook or Instagram.